Jagwar Ma Release New Song “Slipping”

As the release of Jagwar Ma’s new album comes to an a near, the band releases the song “Slipping” to get their audience excited. “Slipping” is the eight track featured in the album Every Now & Then, that is releasing on October 14th.

When giving details about the song, the band had said “This song started with an 808 kick drum and some chords I stacked and layered using an Oberheim 2 Voice. Gab added these dreaming vocals over it and pretty soon we had the song. It’s positioned in the sequence as one of the turning points of the album, it’s where things start to lock in and drop to a deeper dreamier world.” This approach taken by the band gives off a contrast when put next to the other two released songs, “O B 1″ and “Give Me A Reason”. Over the sounds of the electronic beats, the vocals of the singer give off a slight echo effect, making the atmosphere calm.

The song could be listened to below.

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